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 Journey2 Health
can bring back the
ity lifestyle you’ve been seeking.

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Trapped in a cycle of trial-and-error approach to resolving your health issues?    


  1. Persistent headaches

  2. Blood sugar problems

  3. High blood pressure

  4. Food sensitivities

  5. Low energy

  6. Brain Fog / Memory Issues

  7. Weight gain

  8. Weight loss

  9. Frequent colds/ Infections

  10. Insomnia

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We support our client by addressing their hidden stressors.

If you seek a quality life
over quantity...

Silent Storm by Ida Lambert


After witnessing her mother's and older brother's suffering and deaths from cancer, Ida Lambert wanted to do something to fight the disease.  When she, herself was stuck with a debilitating disease in 1992, she used an alternative treatment.

Silent Storm is an exposé that explores and memorializes some of the trials, triumphs, and fears that Ida and other patients faces when Dr. Burton's clinic was raided by the FBI/FDA. With warmth, clarity, passion and an eye for detail, Silent Storm not only entertains but it may also encourage readers to rethink their views of medical care in this country.


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Health practitioners at Journey2Health provide holistic health options and intelligent strategies to health rebuilding.

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